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nestore beta

Nested-wildcard event-based data store and state management API

Easy to Use

Nestore was designed from the ground up to centralize state management and simplify UI updates

Eventful Pub / Sub

Avoid context wrapping, complicated selectors and unnecessary re-renders with event-based architecture

Centralized Logic

Centralized state and logic with two-way data-binding and in-store mutators and listeners

Create a Simple Store

Create your store with key/values and built-in mutators and listeners

import nestore from 'nestore'

const myStore = await nestore({
logged_in: false,
user_data: null,

login: async (nst, [user, password]) => {
const userData = await Users.findOne({ where: { user_name: user } }) = userData
nst.set('logged_in', true)
return userData

export default myStore

Register some Listeners

Setup some callbacks to listen for changes to anything in the store

import myStore from './myStore.js'

myStore.on('logged_in', ({ value }) => {
alert(value ? 'Logged in!' : 'Logged out!')

const user = await myStore.login('Alice', 'password1234')

Mutate the Store

Work with your store like a standard ESMap object to get, set and remove values

import myStore from './myStore.js'

let user = myStore.get('user_data.username')

myStore.set('user_data', null)

Connect to a DB

Register adapters to connect and sync with your preferred database

import nestore from 'nestore'
import createMongoAdapter from 'nestore-mongo-adapter'

const myStore = await nestore({
greeting: 'Hello, World!',
}, {
adapters: [
mongoUri: process.env.MONGO_URI,
namespace: 'my-mongo-adapter',
documentKey: 'my-doc-key',

Beta - PR's welcome!

Nestore is still in beta, contributions / issues / pull-requests are welcome!

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// NPM:
// Version: 0.0.47